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You went into business to help people live better lives, and fulfill their dreams. Now, more and more often, you find yourself saying ‘no’ when you might have once said ‘yes.’ Credit requirements are stricter, down payments larger and fees bigger. Mortgage loan volumes are down. Yet, millions of Americans still need and want to buy a home. What if you could turn those denials into deals?

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With HomePLC, you can turn denials into deals. Through our Road Home, we help your clients find the house they want and we buy it. Then we lease the home to them until they qualify for a traditional mortgage and buy it from us. To demonstrate their commitment, each participant acquires a purchase option for 5-10% of their chosen home’s value. When they are ready to buy, they get credited for their entire option payment, plus 50% of any appreciation in the value of the home.

Help Your Clients Achieve Their Dreams

While rent-to-buy is not new, our Road Home is a next generation product, designed for folks who are self-employed or have had credit issues in the past, including recent short sales, foreclosures and bankruptcies, but are now getting back on track. People who have had a significant life event such as a divorce, relocation, job loss or a job change can also qualify. Contact us today to turn more denials into deals. Contact: Gian Russo at

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The market has changed, and you’re working twice as hard to close deals. Too often they fall apart at the last moment when financing doesn’t come through. Now you can do something about it. When you have a customer who may not qualify for a mortgage, but is a serious future homebuyer, we can help.

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HomeLPC teams up with you, the real estate expert, and your client, to buy, improve, and maintain the home of their choice. Then we lease it to your client, with an option to buy at a discount to the home’s appreciated value.

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As the buyer’s agent, you realize an immediate fully commissioned sale. While rent-to-buy is not new, our Road Home is a next generation product, designed in compliance with all state and local regulations, and launched to help the right people find the right homes. At the right time. With your expert help, of course. Contact us today to learn more, earn more commissions and help people live better lives and fulfill their dreams.

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