Relocated Executive

My job relocated me and my family to Texas in 2012. To do so, however, I needed to sell my prior home at a time when prices were depressed, which resulted in a short sale. Despite my six figure income and otherwise strong credit, I was precluded from buying a home in Texas as prices were increasing.

HomeLPC came to my family’s rescue with a responsible mortgage alternative that has empowered us to establish roots in our new home and benefit from the strong real estate market. Importantly, HomeLPC has provided the stability of living in the home of our choice and allowed us to continue saving towards our future. We are firm believers in HomeLPC’s mission and would highly recommend the Road Home to anyone. You are in good hands with HomeLPC.

New Entrepreneur

HomeLPC helped me move into the home of my dreams! Brand new construction on a golf course! My wife and I have credit scores over 700, but started a new business last year. Business is thriving and we could have paid for over 50% of our home in cash, but traditional lenders were unwilling to provide us with a mortgage because our company had only been in business for 18 months.

The team at HomeLPC personally reviewed our application and understood that we have owned multiple homes over the years and have been responsible homeowners. More importantly, they understood how important it was for us to move into the home of our dreams.

We could not be happier with the respect and courtesy that HomeLPC provided throughout the process. Their team is magnificent and kept us informed throughout their transparent process. We are confident that HomeLPC has put us in a position to succeed.

Chris Nooney


HomeLPC is a game changer! As a veteran mortgage banker, I used to have the unfortunate task of telling hundreds of aspiring homeowners – responsible, hard working, and fiscally prudent consumers – that they did not qualify for a traditional mortgage because of today’s overly stringent lending standards.

Before HomeLPC, I was forced to turn these clients down without any viable alternatives, which was a losing proposition for all involved. Since meeting and working with the team at HomeLPC, I have been able to grow my business by offering an innovative solution that only increases my ultimate loan pipeline.

Most importantly, I can confidently help my clients achieve their long-term goals even if they do not qualify for a mortgage today. I know that I can trust the team at HomeLPC to take care of any client I send their way.

Self-Employed Contractor

After more than 18 years making sure other people’s houses get built right as a self-employed contractor, I wanted to buy my own. Yet with an entrepreneurial lifestyle–I am also an Amway rep–banks wouldn’t approve me for a mortgage. That’s when I found out about HomeLPC. They understood, right away, how committed I am, and they bought the home I now lease and one day hope to own. HomeLPC and its Road Home program helped me live a better life today.

Minister & Family

When we moved across the country so I could take on a new role in my Ministry, my wife and I wanted to buy a house in Texas. We were stunned to learn we didn’t qualify for a mortgage. We have steady income and no debt. But we had co-signed loans for family members and things hadn’t worked out as planned. We weren’t sure what to do. Then we heard about the Road Home and the folks at HomeLPC. They got to the heart of our situation fast, and worked with us to get us approved and find the right place. Now we are renting our dream home and repairing our credit so we will be ready to buy. Without HomeLPC, we wouldn’t have been able to get back on the road to true ownership. You can be sure we will spread the word!